Instagram is a Facebook-owned, captivating application including many useful features. With a community of over 500 million people, Instagram has become one of the most common sources of advertising among all social media networks. In the upcoming months, you’ll be able to enjoy another very interesting feature of Instagram. A new update will allow the users to reserve an appointment with a hair stylist of a salon of their choice, through Instagram.

This feature can bring a revolution for fashion businesses as it allows you to go through the reviews of the customers and photos shared by the customer or the owner before booking your appointment. Instagram is known for its visual appeal. And now salons can use this feature to not only advertise their services but in fact allow their customers to quickly book an appointment.

Instagram Set to Introduce A New Appointment-booking Feature
Instagram Set to Introduce A New Appointment-booking Feature

Instagram uses visual advertisement instead of written, persuading ads. This is really beneficial for the famous industries like beauty and food industries.  Businesses can make an addition of buttons to their profile which will allow the users to contact them via call or sending an SMS for booking an appointment, consultation or simply ask for direction to the nearest outlet.

Advertisers can add different buttons for the customer’s interest or attraction. “Learn more” button could be added for the additional information and guidance, “Install” button to install the app if they are satisfied and in addition to these buttons, the advertiser can add hyperlinks to the items on sale.

James Quarles, who is Instagram’s business’s head, informed that around 80 percent of the users of Instagram follow both growing and established businesses. It is no surprise that companies are thinking from a consumer point of view and it is establishing another trend. It is also reported that Instagram is interested in adding more business related features which will make it a competitor to services like Yelp and OpenTable.


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