Facebook launched a feature to add stories and turned the blank space of stories into ghosted-out stories after its failure. Instagram added new ‘stories’ feature which was inspired (or copied) by Snapchat’s stories feature.

This experiment turned out to be a great success for them. This trend is getting more and more popular among people. There is traffic of about more than 200 million users per day, who are found either updating their posted stories or viewing their friend’s story from the carousel which is at the top of the app.

Instagram becoming a tough competition for social media Apps
Instagram becoming a tough competition for social media Apps

The success of this feature of Instagram is leaving its competitors speechless since it has proven to be far more popular among people than all of the features of SnapChat combined. Snapchat is lagging behind in the war of attracting users and earning popularity. There were around 158 million daily users of Snapchat, who used it’s messaging or calling feature and were found posting or sending their photos. Snapchat’s stories feature was not in much use. This success of Instagram stories has been tremendous. More than 600 million users are found to visit Insta stories independent of all other activities on Insta. This addition may be copied from Snapchat but quite surprisingly is proving to be more successful than Snapchat itself.

Instagram’s Selfie Feature

Instagram is also adding a new selfie feature which will allow its users to turn their selfie into a sticker. This sticker could be attached to the user’s future pictures. It successfully turns your very own facial expression into a live emoji. Ironically, the Geostickers feature of Instagram was also copied from Snapchat.

The recent silent war between the tech giants, Facebook and Snapchat, shows that the users don’t care about the originality in app’s product. The factor which matters is the fact that which app is frequently used by their friends for communicating.


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