An estimated 1.3 million people die on the road every year, according to the Associated for Safe International Road Travel. With the concern for road safety continues to rise, it is important to make the roads we drive on as safe as our own vehicles. As a result, the auto tech industry are turning their focus to developing futuristic technologies to make travel safe and exciting.

So, from smart roads to digital police cars, check out the innovative technologies that are changing our roads for a safer tomorrow.

Innovative Technologies That Are Changing Our Roads For A Safer Tomorrow
Innovative Technologies That Are Changing Our Roads For A Safer Tomorrow

Smart Data Roads

To date, 11 million Americans drive at least one hour per day, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As city leaders and citizens turn to data for an efficient commute, the use of adaptive signals is becoming the best way to remove traffic error. What’s more, with the invention of smart apps, drivers are able to connect with local traffic systems and re-route their commute accordingly.

Digital Police Cars

Technologists are working hard to develop a fully automated in-care police mobile that can detect the driver’s alcohol intake within seconds. According to experts from Tait & Hall, we must take new measures to prevent wrongful death cases in car accidents, motor injuries, and pedestrians.

In fact, the United States government is funding academic and tech processes to explore two linked technologies: a breaking sensor system and detection through the start button. When Ethanol is detected in the blood, the system automatically deactivates the car and becomes immobilized.

Driverless Vehicles

The majority of vehicular accidents are caused by driver error, such as drunk driving, distracted, driving, and other reckless habits behind the wheel. All of which can result in major collisions on the road. With autonomous vehicles, the severity of accidents on the road will reduce, meaning fewer injuries and deaths on the road.

Solar Powered Roads

What began as a minor project to install solar panels on glass roads has now transformed the way we power e-vehicles. Raising over $2 million in crowdfunding, solar roadways involve the use of renewable glass that is more durable than steel and friendlier to the environment. Despite the fragility of glass, road engineers claim that the surface can help cars stop safely, even at top speeds.

Today, countries across the globe are starting to recognize the effects of carbon footprint caused by humans. As more upcoming technology continues to improve our roads, drivers should expect to see these major changes on the road for better safety and travel.

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