Earlier this year a news about the 4 USD Smartphone aiming towards the rural Indian market was announced that raised many eyebrows and sent a hot wave throughout the industry, but this news is apparently true and it’s not just a figment of the imagination. This Smartphone named as Freedom 251 is all set to start shipping by the next week (June 30th), so all those who pre-ordered the device will soon receive their much awaited and the most inexpensive Smartphone. Ringing bells, the company that is introducing this low budget device has stated that the first batch will have around 200,000 units, so many of the customers will receive the device soon.

4 USD Smartphone Aiming Towards The Rural Indian Market

India’s 4 USD Smartphone To Arrive By June 30th
India’s 4 USD Smartphone To Arrive By June 30th

The phone will sport quite interesting spec in this small price. It will have a 4-inch screen that will run on 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. The memory could be extended up to 6GB. The 8MP rear camera and front facing 3.2MP camera are perfect for great images. 1800 mAH battery capacity is also not bad at all. The device will run on Android 5.1. So, the specifications are really better than other comparable devices.

The founder and CEO of Ringing Bells Mohit Goel, while speaking to the Indian express mentioned about their experiences and said they have learnt from their mistakes and preferred to stay quiet till they come out with the $4 Smartphone (Rs. 251 as per Indian currency). And now their much anticipated dual SIM ready Smartphone is all set to be shipped by 30th June. The CEO also went on to say that even though they are losing about Rs.151 on each device but the thing that they are been able to connect poor and rural Indians as part of Digital India is really making them happy.


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