Apple has always had that one additional thing to its phones each time it launches a new model. Admittedly, the one more thing has always been just a mere upgrade of what has already been there…until iPhone X showed up.

Apple’s new flagship phone iPhone X is a completely radical reinvention of the Apple phones, packed with features that have never existed for the iPhone users before. With no home button or headphone jack drawing mixed reactions from users, here are the five most important features on the new iPhone.

1. Face ID

Thanks to Apple’s new TrueDepth camera and sensors technology, you just have to look at your phone and it unlocks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, or whether your surrounding has light or not. The Face ID system uses infrared lighting technology so it will work regardless of the light condition in your environment.

True Depth Face ID

This is a major exodus from the previous Touch ID security method that involved using your fingerprint biometrics to unlock your phone. The Face ID is such a fun and more advanced security addition.

One really amazing thing about it is, it won’t show notification preview content if it does not think you are in front of the phone. Why this is great? Other people simply won’t see your alerts. As soon as you look at the phone’s display, it automatically knows you are viewing it and shows the preview content of your notifications.

2. Super Retina Display

While all other previous iPhone versions have an LCD display, Apple decided to finetune the display on iPhone X to perfection with a new OLED Technology.

The display has infinite contrast ratio, which means that colors are accurate in all sorts of environments, and pictures are more vivid and realistic in any environment or lighting condition. The screen automatically adjusts based on the light around you.

Super Retina Display

Even better, the iPhone X looks completely different from its precursors. The phone boasts a 5.8-inch display running from edge to edge. The company calls the new panel the Super Retina Display, and it’s absolutely great – with the highest pixel density ever seen in an iPhone: 458 pixels per inch, plus a 2,436 x 1,125 resolution.

3. New A11 Bionic Chip

Apple has ramped up the processing power on the iPhone X with a new A11 Bionic Chip – a six-core processor which makes 3D games and other process-intensive actions possible on the phone.

The new processor is up to 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion processor on the other iPhone models. A number of tests also show that the A11 Bionic chip Significantly outpaces most leading Android phones including some of the best Boost Mobile Smartphones in the market.

4. The Cameras

The small cutout at the top of the iPhone X display is now packed with several sensors and cameras that together comprise what Apple terms the TrueDepth Camera. These include an infrared camera, 7-megapixel camera, proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor, plus a flood illuminator, speaker, microphone and dot projector.

There are two rear 12MP cameras on the iPhone X, which like the front facing camera, produce extremely professional looking photos in just about any light condition.

True Depth Camera

More intriguing is the ability to take selfies with the Portrait Mode effects – which lets you create photos that keep the main subject sharp while blurring the background.

This feature was only available with the dual cameras on the back of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. Now, thanks to Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, you can have the front facing camera map your face and produce the same incredible effects.

5. All-Glass Design

The iPhone X is not only glass in front but the back as well. This is why it is one of the sleekest phones ever made, with stainless steel sidebands to finish the statement look. The glass back means you can charge your iPhone X wirelessly without a problem.

All Glass Design


There are a few more feature on the iPhone X such as the swiping styles that have changed, and the stereo speakers that mean you can now enjoy watching your favorite videos on the phone with stereo sound. Nonetheless, the five features in this write-up are by far the most important of all.

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