Every individual is different from the other and has diverse selections and choices. While selecting a smartphone also people will see the design, colour etc. Some will like a big screen some might opt for smaller ones; however while many will be open to changes most will stick to their brand and go for its latest release.

While there are other specs which are looked at a good camera has become one of the most sought features that is pursued by the majority of the crowd.

iMore Conducts A Blind Camera Test: Guess Who The Winner Is?
iMore Conducts A Blind Camera Test: Guess Who The Winner Is?

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the best cameras in the smartphone world now. According to CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are armed with the best cameras that an iPhone user or buyer has ever owned. However, is Apple camera really the best in the market? One of the news blogs of Apple – iMore, conducted a blind camera test and here is what the fans picked.

The blog conducted a blind photo comparison test. The website captured and posted pictures using iPhone 7, LG V20, Galaxy S7 and Microsoft Lumia 950. iMore asked its viewers to select the picture that displayed the best quality for every scene captured.

There were more than 13,000 Apple fans that voted and these aficionados picked a clear winner – and it was not Apple but Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Samsung and Apple have always matched shoulders and Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 have a lead in the world of smartphones. Both the company’s fans like their own flagship. But if the brand favouritism is removed and quality is put for judgement it is clearly revealed that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has taken a lead and is on top in the list.


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