Images can have a detrimental effect on the loading time of your website. But since the true essence of every website lies in the visual appeal that it gains from images, we know for sure that images are never going to go away. So if you need to compress your images without losing their quality, then you must try Imagify.

It is an image compression tool which comes in a variety of pricing options including a free plan. Depending on your requirements, you can pick a plan that is best suited for your site.

We used Imagify’s free version to check its abilities and we found it to be amazing. It definitely has some great features that you must check out if you are a website owner.

Our Experience With Imagify

Imagify – Lighter Images Vouching For Better User Experience
Imagify – Lighter Images Vouching For Better User Experience

Registration & Plans

The download and installation process was simple. The registration does not involve any credit cards so you do not have to worry about undue charges if you are planning to use a free account. For those who are planning to use a paid plan have the option to use Stripe or a PayPal account for payments.

A recent tool introduced by Imagify is Plan Picker which will assess the images on your WordPress site and help you pick a plan that is suitable for your usage. WordPress site owners also have the ability to pick a subscription for Imagify directly from their WordPress dashboard. A free account will give you up to 25MB of usage per month. You get a registration bonus of 25MB as well.


The interface is very simple and user-friendly. It is easy to understand and does not take too long to figure out how to work on it. Using it with your CMS is easy as well where it will automatically optimize your image when it is uploaded.

Use On Multiple Sites

You have the ability to use the tool on as many websites as you want to and your usage quota will be shared across the websites you use it on. It saves you from going paying for more than one subscription.

What We Liked About It?

We liked the ease with which anyone can use it. You will be able to familiarize yourself quickly with the interface. The tool provides excellent results. The recent addition of features like plan picker and payments via PayPal makes it even more user-friendly.

Is It Worth Trying?

Your WordPress website will benefit from the quality of images provided by Imagify and the quick loading time that you can achieve by compressing the images. For those who are unsure, you can always begin with the free account which does not involve any credit card during the registration. Given its features and abilities, most of the people will find it worth the price they pay for it if they go for a subscription. If you are starting with a WordPress site and do not have a lot of images to compress then the free version will be useful.


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