The internet has expanded to more than just mobile phones, laptops and PCs. The internet of things involves everyday household items getting automated and through devices such as mobile phones and then controlled over the internet. The European furniture giant, IKEA, is now stepping into home automation and will soon release a line of its own fully automated products.

The company is famous for its modular, Do-It-Yourself home furnishings such as cabinets and couches.

IKEA to Enter the Home Automation Market
IKEA to Enter the Home Automation Market

Trådfri, meaning “wireless” in Swedish, will be the name of the new line of products and will be built around the ZigBee Light Link standard for connected lights, the same standard used by Philips Hue. At the center of the entire home network will be an internet gateway that will connect the Trådfri bulbs to the internet via Ethernet connection.

The basic package for the Trådfri system is internet gateway, a remote, and two Trådfri bulbs are the equivalent of $85.40. The bulbs come in three color temperature variations: 2200K, 2700K, and 4000K for $22.68 and $16.99 for smaller versions. A very intriguing feature of IKEA’s home automation kit is the dimmer used to dim the light intensity of the bulbs.

It is a colored puck that works by being rolled around in the user’s hand. It is a standalone device and can work independently from the connected system. It also happens to be the cheapest part of the entire system at $20.41. Other possible additions to the set include devices such as motion sensors ($28.39 for a set) and a light and remote bundle ($34.09 for a set). These systems will work remotely with the app and gateway controller sold separately (at $28.39).

IKEA is also selling LED float panels and illuminated doors that will be compatible with its other modular products. This means IKEA will push to incorporate this new technology in existing products. The product line is expected to be released on 31st March 2017.


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