Nothing really annoys a person more than answering a call from an unknown number and getting locked in a silly marketing call. We all have faced such a situation, but now there is some respite. Yes, you heard it right. Google has recently added a new feature called spam call detection to its Android phone app.

Ignore spam calls now with Google’s Android Phone App
Ignore spam calls now with Google’s Android Phone App

In 2013, there was a major update to the Android phone app. It added the much-needed caller ID for business incoming calls. Now, with the new spam recognition feature, the app is becoming more useful for people. The only disadvantage is that this feature is currently limited to only those people who own Android One and Nexus devices.

There Was a Major Update to The Android Phone App

Spam detection is just another part of the European startup, Truecaller which is extremely popular in many countries, including India.

Google commented that the brand new feature will be extremely useful for people. They can not only block, but also report spam numbers. This implies that the company will cleverly use data from its users for recognizing the sources of irritating calls.

However, the Android caller app lacks the community approach that one can find in Truecaller. This can prove as a disadvantage in the forthcoming days. The good thing is that now users can ignore an annoying call due to the new spam detection feature. Whenever there will be a spam call, users will get a suspected spam caller alert on their phone. The annoying marketing calls consume so much of our time. Therefore, if we can avoid them, it will be extremely useful.

All those people who thought that it will never be possible to detect spam calls can now take a sigh of relief and enjoy the new feature of the Android caller app. Apple has also introduced a feature in their upcoming iOS 10 that can identify spam calls. Currently, this software is available only in beta version.


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