The details of the Nintendo Switch have finally been revealed. The name of the New Console is Nintendo Switch and a short three-minute video about the console has also been shared with public recently.

The video was more related to the console’s portability, flexibility and game library. Moreover, it has been finally confirmed that the New Nintendo Switch will be equipped with a Hybrid system.

The switch is Nvidia-powered and looks pretty nice in shape. The switch basically consists of Nvidia GPU whose architecture is pretty similar to the top performing GeForce cards of the world.

Nintendo Hybrid Game Console, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Hybrid Game Console, Nintendo Switch

The Video also shows that the user can easily dock the tablet for big screen gaming. The controlling of the tablet is done by controllers of identical nature which are placed on both sides of the screen.

The three-minute video also showed some individuals playing exciting games like Mario Kart, Super Mario, Breath of the Wild and Splatoon. The video did not clarify the point that whether the switch is workable with Wii U or not.

Another thing which surprised the masses is that out of the six titles that were advertised in the game library three were not new.

The three-minute video was overall pretty exciting and has been made viral as well. The overall structure and shape of the console are pretty good and we can surely expect some good results from it.

However, till now only a three-minute video has been launched hence not a lot of analysis and predictions can be done on the new console. However, we expect that some features and specifications of the console will get leaked or will get shared with the masses as well.

Nintendo Switch Coming in Next March

The Nintendo Switch will be launched next year in March; we have to wait till that time to see what the new console really has in its offering and what unique value it is equipped with.


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