Xiaomi, the very reputed handset manufacturer and Internet business company based in China will soon penetrate into the Smartphone market of the United States of America, as stated by Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra. The US are a very lucrative market for Smartphone and no way it would be good to ignore this market now.

The company mentioned of moving to the US market before as well but things would be much easier now as they have acquired around 1500 technology patents from Microsoft in last June which will definitely help the company to combat any kind of legal entanglements with the competitors.

Hugo Barra Xiaomi
Xiaomi Will Shortly Penetrate Into The US Smartphone Market

Xiaomi saw huge success after it penetrated into the Indian Market and probably they are planning to repeat the same success once again. But the fact is both the market of India and America are completely different whereas in India there is very low level of smartphone penetration, the smartphone is also priced low and the carriers are investing and rolling out the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, in America the picture is entirely opposite. In America, most of the consumers are in their second set of smartphone now.

However, the company has already started selling some of their products in the US market such as headphone, battery chargers that reached the brand name to all the US consumers by now. Xiaomi’s target is the young generation and this is why they have planned to use both the social media and online direct sales to sell out their device in the US.

This handset manufacturer company is doing well in their domestic market but facing a big competition from many other companies like Huawei, ZTE, Vivo. And it seems this plan to widen their presence all over the world would help them in achieving more revenue.


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