Huawei has recently launched its first Android Smartwatch known as Huawei Watch. It surely is a true combination of performance and looks that one would totally like to carry on their wrist. Since Huawei Watch 2 is now official, let’s have a look what it carries and what can we expect in terms of performance.

So far the release date seems to be around April 2017 after MWC 2017 takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The watch will be launched soon, aiming first for US, UK, and Australia for its customers.

Huawei Watch 2 - know the features
Huawei Watch 2 – know the features

The smart watches are backed up with Android Wear 2.0 that not only hosts native apps but also has greater compatibility with iOS. The watch is supported by option 4G LTE connectivity that will help the user to in staying connected without carrying their phones every time. While you are on the go, you can simply enjoy the features with the 4G LTE connection.

Huawei Watch 2 Screen

The Huawei Watch 2 Screen is a compact 1.2-inch circular screen with 326 pixels per inch. You must have heard several rumors about Huawei Watch 2 that it will have a 1.4-inch screen. Well, let’s see what gets unveiled this April 2017!

As far as power and battery are concerned about this new gadget, Huawei is talking big about its latest wearable. Its 420mAh battery is definitely on the larger side, barely ousted by the much larger LG Watch Sport.

If you want to utilize its built-in GPS sensor, continuous heart rate monitoring and the rest of the usual bells and whistles, the Huawei Watch 2 is said to last 10 hours. With GPS turned off, Huawei Watch can last up to 2 days easily.

Let’s see what happens next after MWC 2017 and what reviews does this gadget get from the audience!


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