Tablets and Notebooks have lost their popularity in the past year, this in fact has given plenty of room for convertibles to gust in and fill the space. Huawei recently came up with its own competitor in the market convertibles called the Matebook.

The Huawei Matebook’s design can be described in many words; sleek, streamline, curvature and much more but at its core, it is a Tablet PC. It is a pretty impressing combination that Huawei has put together. It is a 12-inch touchscreen device and has a wrap around the keyboard. The Huawei Matebook is first of its kind to fit full Window 10 computer inside a 12 inches framework. It weighs 640 grams and it is just 6.9 mm thick. It comes with a Mate pen, which acts as an active stylus.

Huawei Matebook Review
Huawei Matebook Review

The current cost of the Matebook is $699

The current cost of the Matebook is $699. The magical ingredient of the Huawei Matebook is the Intel new Core M processors which don’t require girth mechanisms or noisy fans to keep the device cool.  It has a leather bound backlit keyboard with the help of which you can turn this tablet device into a more fruitful machine. The built-in touch pad of the keyboard with a fine surface is very impressive too and it makes navigation accurate.

It has a fingerprint sensor that is so quick and gets you logged in your windows Tablet with the blink of an eye. The speaker and the screen of Matebook is one of the best in comparison to other tablets on the market. It has dual Dolby audio speakers and special noise cancellation headset, which means that the other side of the sound profile is solid too. One clicks access to your mobile phone hotspot and has wireless storage features, round out the nice touches that Huawei has thrown in here.


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