Unique and Chinese products is not something that could be put in the same sentence, and the new rumored pictures of the awaited Huawei Mate 9 smartphone models, that model seems to be continuing. Huawei is expected to release the ‘Manhattan‘ and the ‘Long Island‘ in the near future.

The new Manhattan is in line with the ongoing Huawei design language, and a source close to the company and familiar with their plans, the Mate 9 will be having a 5.9″ 1080p screen. It will also feature a HiSilicon Kirin 960, and have up to 6GB of RAM and a massive 256 GB of internal storage.

New Huawei Mate 9 pictures show the phone looks like the Galaxy Note 7
New Huawei pictures show the phone looks like the Galaxy Note 7

It will also be equipped with a 20 MP camera which has a f/2.0 aperture. The phone is also going to be on the global market, even the USA, which signifies the global penetration that Huawei has been saying they want to undertake.

And with the curved Mate 9, Long Island phone. This is the phone which they are saying will be the premium version and will also be having a 1440p display rather than the standard Mate 9 1080p panel it usually has. This is in order for it to be able to support the DayDream VR platform.

Sources said that the phone was going to have some premium specifications and the phone’s sales were going to be limited to China only.

Mate 9 is More Like The Note 7

The new curved Mate 9 is more like the Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung, which has been on fire lately, literally. Everything on the new Mate 9 has been done in such a way that it mimics the Samsung version.

That is probably why the company is only going to sell the phone in China because if they were going to sell it anywhere else, the company would probably be sued into oblivion. The Mate 9 and the rounded edged Samsung like phone will both be announced at a planned Munich, Germany conference, reportedly, on the 3rd of November.


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