HTC has a plan to help people in experiencing VR in a more efficient way and to do so they are all set to roll out their new VR app store, Viveport in this coming fall. So, this is opening up a new source of downloading VR content for the users of Vive headset other than Steam.

Steam is actually for the game and the game lovers keep using it mostly but VivePort will feature all kind of content starting from health, travel, edutainment, sports, news, social media and in more categories. So, this is no doubt to provide the greatest experiences to all the Vive headset owners.

HTC to roll out their new VR app store, Viveport this coming fall
HTC to roll out their new VR app store, Viveport this coming fall

With the roll out of VivePort, the Vive home is also announced to get a significant update. But it will take few weeks for the roll out to happen and in the beginning, the company will roll out the developer beta. HTC stated that Viveport will reach in 30 countries first and later on all other countries will get it. However, the VR-focused digital front store is already available in China and as the reason the company has mentioned that Steam is not widely used by people in China and this app store was rolled out in that country in the last spring to bridge that gap.

With all theses, HTC also went on to say that their aim of coming up with a different app store is not to compete with Steam rather it will be used as an alternative just and will be much appropriate for people who needs VR content other than gaming. However, still users will be required to launch Steam for using Vive and this is to see that how perfectly Viveport will mingle with the already established distribution platform.


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