Those who are planning to own one virtual reality headset, probably this is the best to go for that as HTC already announced of providing a free voucher of three interesting games with HTC Vive.

So, this is no doubt a good offer and anyone who buys a new HTC Vive will be entitled to win these three game vouchers via the steam service. It seems HTC is really trying their best to help users enjoying the best of the VR set.

HTC Vive Now Comes With Some Free Games
HTC Vive Now Comes With Some Free Games

The three games that will be offered with the new HTC Vive are:

Titlbrush- this game was published by Google and is now available for $29.99.

Starseed- CloudHead Games is the publisher of this interesting game that is available at $29.99.

Zombie Training Simulator- Published by Acceleroto, this game is normally sold at $19.99.

All these games you will get for free with HTC Vive.

Titlbrush is the game of art where players can create light trails in the darkness and those can be made to see more attractive adding various effects like sparkles or snow.

Starseed is the most interesting and fun filled game of all where you will get the opportunity to enjoy an old school adventure packed with modern technology. Also, it includes inventory management and various puzzles which are to be solved in esoteric ways. The players are able to move around here and there by pointing where you want to be and teleporting there. This game is really very polished and well built to provide the best of best VR experience.

The last game Zombie is where the players are required to defeat all the zombies that shamble towards them. The zombies look like cardboard and flat. It is not a very intense horror games rather much like a shooting gallery.