Get ready to have the Vive VR system at your home if you desire to own one from HTC as HTC’s Vive VR system is again ready to purchase directly from The system will be available in around 24 countries while the company has promised to ship the device within 2-3 business days. In addition to the online availability of the Vive VR system, this revolutionary system will also be made available in selected Microsoft stores, Micro Center locations, and GameStop shops while those, pre-ordered the device can expect to get their Vive VR at hand by this week.

HTC has also confirmed that general public will be able to check out the device over 100 retail locations in the US as Microsoft stores will be expanded from 29 to 51, GameStop will be expanded to 40 locations from 10 while Micro center locations will be total 10.

Vive VR System
Vive VR

The company has originally launched their preorder in February while the shipping was started in April. But suddenly the company experienced a delay in shipping; orders have been backed up while they received several complaints as well from the preorder customers. But the situation is over and HTC is now allowing everyone to enjoy the demo of this set, a representative from HTC will be presented in each store to guide viewers in their first time experience.

The new headset priced at $799 is developed by the joint partnership between HTC and Valve to provide a true to life interaction and experiences. Vive has incorporated all the needed functionalities from the phone and is featured with a front facing camera which perfectly blends the physical elements into the virtual world. So, if you are a fan of VR, walk into the selected retail stores and immerse yourself physically, mentally and emotionally into the virtual world.


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