The HTC 10 has been launched officially, however, consumers have to wait for some time as far as coming to the phone to markets and stores is concerned.  According to the sources, the HTC 10 will be in stores in the month of May; however, the company still has not given the exact date.

The HTC 10 is basically a handset made of metal, though the look of handset won’t be new, however, it is still workable.

HTC 10: A New Innovation
HTC 10: A New Innovation

The dimension of the HTC 10 is 145.9 x 71.9 x 9mm which makes the handset much taller and also wider as compared to the previously launched HTC ONE M9, iPhone 6s, and Samsung Galaxy etc. The QHD resolution of the set is 5.2 inches, for better look HTC 10 is equipped with high saturation of color and brightness.  The set has also been equipped with a touchscreen which is considered the fast touch screen of the world.  Fastest touch screen means that the reactions will be instant with the touch of your finger.

The HTC10 consists of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor and has a RAM of 4GB. The internal storage is 30 GB, Micro SD slot is also been given in the set, the slot allows you to install cards up to  2TB size.  The camera of HTC 1O is 12 megapixels,  the mentioned megapixel are also found in other sets such as Galaxy 7 and iPhone 6 S as well.


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