There are times when we all need a bit privacy and do not want to share the screen of our laptop or PC. But this is very common that anyone sitting beside you or behind you can see very prominently that what all is going on the screen which is unwanted by us. But, thanks to HP as they have understood this situation and has come to our rescue. The company is said to unveil their new laptop screen that will cut off all the viewing angles and thus prevent others from seeing what is displayed on the screen.

All you need to do is just press a button and the mode will be activated. This feature works by stopping light from shooting off to all other sides of the laptop.

HP To Introduce New Laptop Screen To Provide You More Privacy
HP To Introduce New Laptop Screen To Provide You More Privacy

As a result only the users sitting in front of the PC straight can see the content on the laptop while 95% of the light directed to other side is being cut off.

Sure View is Being Developed by HP in Partnership With 3M

This feature known as Sure View is being developed by HP in partnership with 3M. 3M is a company that is involved in selling the stick on filters for the screen which does the same job like Sure view feature in HP. So, people can go for buying a privacy filter as well to achieve the same effect, but the disadvantage is, this solution is permanent and you will be stuck with dark screen all the time. Sure View does not work that way as you can turn it on when required and then turn off to have a brighter screen.

The sure view screen will be available starting September and HP will make this screen available in two laptop first, EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840. It is equipped with 1080p resolution and support touch.


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