HP announced about their Elite X3 in February at the mobile world congress and this device is all set to hit the market this coming August. The shipping will be started from August 29th in the US. This 5.96-inch phablet is perfect for all but it is mainly aimed towards the small business users and corporate IT departments.

The device has been designed such a way that it can be turned into a laptop or desktop PC with the help of Microsoft Continuum features and through the support of bundled dock. Yes, Elite X3 is made to work with an optional dock as well that add on the features of a laptop like USB port and Ethernet.

HP Elite X3 Phablet to Arrive The Market Soon in August
HP Elite X3 Phablet to Arrive The Market Soon in August

This phablet is priced at $699 but those interested to get the additional dock and a headset, it will cost you total $799. The 2.15GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is the processor inside it that help run the phablet much faster.

Now coming to the dock, the desktop dock will add features like Ethernet, USB-C Port, two USB 3.0 port and a display port. Once a monitor is connected to it, the Microsoft continuum feature will display the content in large display even the Microsoft apps as well while you have the opportunity to effortlessly switch between the external screen and phablet screen.

But for the laptop dock, it must be a 12.5-inch laptop that makes use of Elite X3 processor, networking, and the storage. Once the phablet is connected to the laptop, the larger battery of the laptop can charge the one in the phablet also. This new device from Microsoft runs on Windows 10 version.

So, wait for few more days to get this HP Elite X3 at hand and you will be able to explore even more.


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