It’s usually not needed-process for iPhone users to resetting or restoring their devices. Because iOS allows people a robust platform to handle their necessities. When the integrity of the iOS platform and the loyalty of Apple users combined, generally it is not a widespread thing for the users of Apple, knowing how to restore iPhone or any other iOS devices.

Restoring and resetting are different processes with a few differences.

Restoring means returning to a backup. In this process, you can restore another iOS device’s backup to a new device, that could be a new iPhone and you want your contacts, documents and such to be transferred from old iPhone to the new one.

Resetting means erasing all data in the device and that is also called factory restore.

You can do these by using iTunes and iCloud.

Please note that first, if you do not do a backup you can not restore anything! Your device will be completely erased after the restoring process. Because of that, we will discuss those processes separately; backing up, restoring and returning to backup.

How to Backup iPhone

Connect your iOS device to your computer and launch iTunes. Select your device on the list and in the Backups section, select your backup destination and then choose ‘Backup Now’ to start the process.

How to Restore iPhone

How to Reset iPhone

Before you begin, you need to Settings on your device and then select iCloud and then turn Find My iPhone (or iPad) off.

Now you can restore your device by clicking ‘Restore iPhone’ (or any type of your iOS device) and then confirm. After that iTunes will erase everything on your device and will install latest iOS software you have.

You could also do this on your device alone.

How to Return Your Backup

After you have completed your Restore process you will need to sign into your iCloud account. Before restoring your backup, you need to turn off Find My iPhone option in the Settings of your device.

While your device connected to your computer, open your device’s Summary panel in the iTunes again and then click on Restore Backup then choose your backup and select Restore. After the process completed your device will restart and request your credentials.

Thus, you’re set!

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, write down into the comments.


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