WWDC Began by Remembering The Victims of Orlando Shooting


Before Apple could reveal all its upgrades and products, in the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook began by remembering the victims of Orlando shooting.

The next couple of hours were spent on announcing the new products tvOS, watchOS, iOS, and the line of desktop computers which is OS X re-branded, macOS.

World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)
World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)

Quick Highlights


You can now send across third party apps through iMessage and even pay someone through it. You can look for a movie, place it on your calendar and send it across to your friend without leaving the conversation thread.  The message bubbles can be enlarged or made small, and the emoji are three times their actual size, also the ‘invisible ink’ feature to pop a picture, message or even make it disappear on the slide of a bubble.


Call for an Uber, look for a picture, pay for things and pause or start workout apps. Since the remote can now be controlled by voice, you can search for movies by name or even search YouTube. Siri has now been made sophisticated where you can use it in a document/presentation or even call for your playlist.

Apple Watch

To remove the wrist lag, the apps can now be kept in memory with background updates and the information will be refreshed. The look of the Apple Watch has been completely re-designed so you can now compare your activity rings with your family or friends simply by swiping right. ‘Breathe’ app will guide you with visuals on your breathing exercises.

Apple Music

The app has been made easier to use and matches the potential of its predecessor iTunes.

..And the Rest

The upgrades of the apps have now made it easier for its users to shuttle between the app and Apple devices.

Most of the updates that have been revealed can be availed by the developers instantly, and the people would have to wait for July to avail all these upgrades.



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