Are you in a long distance relationship and not able to see your partner often? Well, that’s the toughest part of a relationship where you cannot see your loved one so easily. With technology making our lives so easy, let’s see what technology can do in long distance relationship apart from Video Calling and Chatting. Well, A Dutch Tech Company known as House of Haptics has recently launched a techno bracelet known as Hey Bracelet.

In a long distance relationship, you can send your touch to your partner. Wait a minute! This bracelet is not a sex toy at all! There is no possibility of vibration or buzzing sensation through this bracelet, it’s just a gentle squeeze.

Hey Bracelet, High-tech bracelet for Long Distance Relationship
Hey Bracelet, High-tech bracelet for Long Distance Relationship

One month ago, this bracelet was launched into the market on Kickstarter and so far is not available for consumers. Let’s see if the efforts are worth waiting for or not.

The Bracelet is available in two colors: white and rose gold or black and anthracite. In company’s latest statement, it plans to add red, green and blue in its range if the Kickstarter goal is fulfilled.

Since you are going to order a set, one for you and one for your partner, there is charging cable for each bracelet. The bracelet gets paired up with your phone is it Android or iOS via Bluetooth. When you send “touch” to your partner, it is sent via App on your phone and is transferred to your partner’s phone and bracelet.

In order to avoid accidental touch, the bracelet has to be pressed at 2 different locations to send a touch to a partner. With just 30 minute charging time, the bracelet lasts for 3 weeks easily. Also, the bracelet is dust and waterproof that means you don’t have to take it off every time


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