Microsoft is a giant of a company. It has multiple branches catering to all sorts of technological development all over the world. The company develops new platforms, whether hardware or software. The most used PC Operating System is still the Windows OS. Microsoft truly has made a mark in the tech industry of the world, and it all started with the first Windows. Now Microsoft set their eyes on the hardware end of tech and have announced a hardware event in the next month.

Microsoft will hold an event a hardware, and software, event on the 2nd of May 2017. The event will be held in the city of New York. It had been speculated for many weeks that Microsoft will hold such an event and on the 12th of April 2017, they sent out press invites via e-mail.

Hardware Event by Microsoft on 2nd May
Hardware Event by Microsoft on 2nd May

Many expectations go into this event. It is thought that the company might take this opportunity to showcase the new XBOX Project Scorpio and its hardware design. This could be an excellent time to build up hype before E3 conference later in the summer of 2017. Microsoft could also reveal a successor to the Surface 3, which had been designed with student’s problems in mind.

It is also rumored that Microsoft could reveal the Windows 10 Cloud OS, a rival to the likes of the Chrome OS. According to ZDNET, the event is codenamed “Bespin”, after a planet in the Star Wars mythos that contains “Cloud City”. Another rumor says that the focus of the event will be education.

It is also said that no one should expect from Microsoft the unveiling of a Surface phone or any new Surface Pro device. The conference could help Microsoft build momentum as they head to E3 or it could be used to demonstrate a new project if one has been secretly been under development.


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