Microsoft released Windows 95, 20 years ago today on 24 August 1995. It was a revolutionary OS at that time for PC users.

At that time, the computer technology was so different. We were using floppy disks to install software and we use MS-DOS as base OS even for Windows.

Happy Birthday Windows 95

Today, everything is changed and computer technology is so different compared to those years.

In 1995, just a little portion of people on the world was familiar with the computers. Today, the picture is quite opposite.

Windows introduced “Start Menu” and “Desktop” after the use of “Windows” in Windows 3.1. People got used to that menu and they got angry when Microsoft removed it from the Windows 8.

Now, we have pretty new OS from Microsoft, Windows 10 and the legacy of Windows 95, the new “Start Menu”.

Yet again, Happy Birthday Windows 95.


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