GunOps is a firearm crime tool used for an investigation that is recently used by the police and the smartphone users in helping the mapping of the firearm crime. In addition to this, the police or the users can also search for the recent trends in the crime sector and evidence and can thus enable better hunting of the suspects. It is a web-based tool that can allow for the unlimited collaboration that is highly needed amongst the personnel of the law enforcement department.

GunOps provides an interactive and visual representation for monitoring the recovered firearm proofs and evidence as soon as it will be booked with the police department. With this exception feature, the firearm investigators and examiners can view and then filter the evidence related to a firearm as per the geographical location.

GunOps 3.0 Web-Based Mobile Investigative Tool
GunOps 3.0 Web-Based Mobile Investigative Tool

This would thus enable them to zero in with much ease and quite quickly on their targets of interests. This particular feature is accomplished by GunOps by enabling successful connections among several pieces of valuable information. This can help in the linking of various crimes, prospects, guns, and many others in a streamlined manner such that it can offer great value to the investigators and the examiners in the crime department.


How Law Enforcement Software Functions?

The functioning or working of the law enforcement or firearm software is quite simple and regulated. Initially, the ShotSpotter software would determine or evaluate the gunfire at a particular scene of the crime. Then all the information related to the gunfire or the crime at the site of investigation is sent to the P.D. (Police Department) or whatever might be the concerned department in the relevant field. The particular police officer would then respond to the shooting location or the crime scene such that overall information about the particular crime is obtained. This would help in catching the potential suspect in a better manner and much quickly.

GunOps Software

All the possible evidence at the crime site with respect to the gunfire or event of crime are collected and then the case is written and registered by the concerned department of crime. Then, with the help of the GunOps software, all the relevant information or details of the particular crime case are collected. The Gun information provided by the GunOps are then transmitted to the NIBIN software that is recorded, tested and then logged into the NIBIN for further speculation and investigation.

After the recording of the crime cases have been done, then the mapping relationships between the crime, evidence, and suspects are established for better and quicker arrest of the particular suspect. After everything has been done, the final arrests are made and then cleared. These elements are then linked and the final solution of the criminal case is then brought out.

Therefore, it can be said that GunOps is an efficient software for obtaining the information related to the gunfire events and locations. With this effective software, the crime investigators including the police department can be benefited greatly in catching the potential suspects of the crime and in solving the criminal cases with much ease.


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