Microsoft announced today that they’re going to begin revealing an update to Skype for iOS and Android that will support group video calling.

Skype began a preview program for the feature back in January. A huge number of people registered, giving “invaluable feedback”.

They’ve also included a number of features, for example, increasing the number of people that can be involved in the group call from five to 25 people. There’s also a flexible interface. The user can choose a grid or a focus view, which naturally focuses on the person that is talking.

In the Skype blog entry, they said, “Now that group video calling is available on all platforms, no one gets forgot.” To be clear, this isn’t entirely true.

There are a few caveats to that last statement. Users still can’t begin or join a group video call with Skype for Windows Phone, Windows 10, or Linux. You can begin a group call with Skype for Xbox One and Skype for Samsung TVs, however you can’t join a existing call.

While the update is rolling out to iOS gadgets, iPhone 4/4S and the fifth generation iPod Touch don’t support the new feature. iPad’s 2, 3, and Mini will see a maximum of three video streams while all other devices will see a maximum of six video streams. The rest of the streams will be audio only.

At the point when Microsoft reported the feature in January, they did say that it will be coming to Windows 10 Mobile also.


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