Group calling is a service that is appreciated by most people, it is a service that allows people to connect with all of their friends at one time and talk to them seamlessly. There are many software and applications that provide this service.

Facebook is a social media networking site which is probably the most popular, a couple of years back the company had introduced Facebook messenger. It is a service which allows people to chat with their Facebook friends and contacts, recently they also added calling and video calling.

Group Calling Comes To Facebook Messenger
Group Calling Comes To Facebook Messenger

The latest news that the company had for its users is that they had now introduced group calling in the Messenger app.

The update for group calling for the messenger app will roll out globally over the next 24 hours for Android and iOS users for free. The user just needs to tap on the phone icon and select the group members who he wants to include in the group call, the members will then receive a call simultaneously. If a certain person is unable to answer the call and sees that it is still in progress then he can join the call at any time.

According to Facebook, there is no limit to how many people you can keep on the group call but turns out it was wrong because they updated the people that the number will be 12. Yet again they updated that it will 50, the company seems to be in complete disarray.


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