Greenstreet Growers, a leader in eco-friendly, high-quality plant material, and Mark Prescott has announced a groundbreaking new venture in all-natural air purification technology: brēth.

By leveraging a patented technology for expediting active photosynthesis, brēth packs the cleaning power of almost 200 houseplants into three brēth plants.

Greenstreet Growers Inc. Launches Plant-Based Air Purifier, brēth, in New Kickstarter Campaign
Greenstreet Growers Inc. Launches Plant-Based Air Purifier, brēth, in New Kickstarter Campaign

Modern building design has created excellent energy efficiency, but has left inhabitants in chemical-laden and unhealthy stagnant environments due to the increased airtight residential and office structures. The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors, breathing these toxins. brēth is a miniature ecosystem that greatly improves a plant’s ability to remove indoor air pollution.

This is the most natural purification mechanism that biology provides us to clean indoor environments.

Said Mark Prescott, co-founder of brēth.

A NASA Clean Air Study found that common indoor houseplants provide a natural way to remove toxins from the air. The brēth technology was created in response to this study and aims to improve the air quality in indoor environments where people spend most of their time.

brēth doesn’t require a green thumb – in fact, these plants are hard to kill. We recognize that the demands of life and work often leave little time to think about plant maintenance, which is why we designed brēth to only require watering every 10 days and minimal trimming. The worry-free, foolproof technology takes care of the rest.

Said Ray Greenstreet, co-founder of brēth.

Easy to use for plant novices, brēth’s sensors monitor water levels and notify you through a paired smartphone application as well as an external light indicator on the side of the unit. The app also measures how effectively the surrounding air is being purified.

Its full spectrum LED delivers the perfect amount of light and can be set to automatically turn on and off with its timer function.

brēth and the Bonobo Conservation Institute are excited to announce their partnership in this venture. BCI’s mission is to protect endangered bonobos and preserve their tropical rainforest habitat.

5% of sales from the Kickstarter campaign generated by Bonobo will be donated to support rainforest conservation and the creation of the Bonobo Peace Forest in the Congo Basin.

BCI founder and president Sally Jewell Coxe says:

the brēth concept and technology are brilliant! This is a marvelous opportunity to create a healthier environment for yourself and for the world—and to help save humankind’s closest relative, the bonobo.

By having a mini rainforest in your home or office, you can help protect the real rainforest in the Congo, which sequesters billions of tons of carbon and produces oxygen the whole world needs to survive.


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