It’s almost 3 and half years that Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 while the monthly active users of this messaging app were 450 million and the daily active users were 350 million. In this 3 and half years, WhatsApp has witnessed huge growth and the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took it to Facebook to reveal their great success. According to the status update on his Facebook profile, the most popular messaging app Whatsapp has reached to 1 billion daily active users while the monthly active users strike 1.3 billion. This says that around 76% of the monthly users get into the app every day. The tab Whatsapp Status which is the clone of SnapChat’s stories format contributes a large part to this whole 1 billion number.

As per the updated report, this Whatsapp Status strikes almost 250 million daily active users. Whatsapp Status is not the front tab rather it is a secondary tab in the app but still managed to gain such great attention of the users.

Great Victory For WhatsApp: WhatsApp Status Strikes 250 M Daily Users While The Entire App Hits 1B
Great Victory For WhatsApp: WhatsApp Status Strikes 250 M Daily Users While The Entire App Hits 1B

This is really an immense growth considering this feature is been included in WhatsApp just 6 months back in February.

Whatsapp’s daily active users 1 billion include everything of the app starting from its Status, text message, voice and audio calls. If we take into account other popular messaging app SnapChat, then they are far behind in the race. SnapChat’s daily active users are 166 million as of now which is less than even the Whatsapp Status’s daily users.

This success has pleased the whole team of Whatsapp highly and the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum written in his blog post that they are extremely committed to add many more features to enjoy while terms like reliability, simplicity, and security will be perfectly maintained in the app.


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