Microsoft has been keeping on enhancing its Band 2 since launching it a year ago, delivering a range of new features to the wearable gadget in December.

GPS Power Saver Mode For Band 2 From Microsoft
GPS Power Saver Mode For Band 2 From Microsoft

It’s also shown off new abilities, for example, voice-interaction features with Volvo cars, and it appears to be exploring the possibility of using the gadget as a gaming controller as well – yet its most recent update is aimed at the individuals who use the Band 2 for health and fitness tracking.

Today, it announced another GPS Power Saver mode for the Band 2, which it says will extend its battery life by “up to four hours”. GPS is a helpful feature for the those who like to track their courses when they go for a run or a bicycle ride, and the new Power Saver function changes the gadget from continuous GPS following, to sampling your area in intervals, decreasing the drain on the battery.

Also, the organization reported the rollout of new weight-tracking functionality in its Microsoft Health application:

Track changes to your weight, and get a present approximation of your BMI with the Microsoft Health application’s new weight-tracking feature. Want to see how you’ve been progressing towards your goals? Enter your weight regularly into the Microsoft Health application, then view in one or three month diagrams – or see your complete history to-date.

The Band 2 is valued at $249.99.