GOTRAX™, a Denver-based brand of electric rideables driven by imagination and innovation with a focus on science and education, today unveils its HOVERFLY KART, an accessory capable of transforming any one of its line of HOVERFLY hoverboards (or most any self-balancing scooter) into a fast, nimble, three-wheel electric go-kart.

When connected to a HOVERFLY hoverboard, the HOVERFLY KART allows the rider to sit comfortably in the race-inspired bucket seat and accelerate, stop and steer with intuitive hand controls via the ergonomic space-foam handlebar grips. The HOVERFLY KART harnesses the space-age gyroscopic technology of hoverboards to create an entirely new electric-powered experience.

Gotrax Unveils Hoverboard-Powered Hoverfly Kart
Gotrax Unveils Hoverboard-Powered Hoverfly Kart

The HOVERFLY KART expands the options for the fun and exploration that are possible with our HOVERFLY line. It takes the truly unique experience of riding a hoverboard and transforms it into something else entirely. It really is like having two very different, very fun e-rideables in one.

Says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield.

Featuring a sturdy, adjustable, steel tube frame to accommodate most children and some adults, the HOVERFLY KART is engineered to work with self-balancing scooters with wheel sizes ranging from 6.5 to 10 inches.

Utilizing the 0-degree turning radius of the attached hoverboard, the kart’s front end pivots on a precision caster wheel, making it incredibly maneuverable yet stable, cable of riding on a greater variety of surfaces than most hoverboards.

When paired with a fully UL 2272-certified GOTRAX™ HOVERFLY, the HOVERFLY KART is driven by dual 350-watt electric motors producing top-ranking torque (compared to typical competitors’ 250-300 watts) capable of propelling riders up to 7.4 miles-per-hour for 12 miles on a single charge. When paired with a HOVERFLY XL or HOVERFLY PLUS, the HOVERFLY KART can reach speeds of up to 11.2 miles-per-hour in pro mode (app required).

The GOTRAX™ HOVERFLY KART retails for $69 with a special introductory pre-holiday price of $59 and is available now at and other fine retailers.

Hoverfly Kart Specifications

  • Designed in Denver
  • Compatible with most hoverboards with 6.5, 8, 8.5 and 10-inch wheels
  • Telescoping adjustable steel tube frame fits most children and some adults
  • Maximum weight 264 pounds
  • Minimum weight 44 pounds



Welcome to the GOTRAX™ GALAXY, where every day’s the weekend and robots are our friends. We’re on a mission to create electric rideables that boost imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation. As of 2017, GOTRAX™ is dispatching electric rideables across the planet, starting with the HOVERFLY two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter aka hoverboard. Our company values start right here in our Denver-based marketing headquarters, where our team works their space boots off to raise the standards of the electric rideables industry, with a brand focus on science and education designed to encourage a sense of learning and discovery for children.

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