Google launched its MNVO cellular service Project Fi last year incorporating a unique ability to switch between multiple networks such as T-mobile and Sprint in order to help out users in staying to the strongest network available and now they have announced of adding one more network US cellular in the mix. U.S Cellular is the fifth largest network in the US that is said to bring LTE connectivity to the Fi users in 23 states including urban and rural area.

Project Fi
Project Fi

The main purpose of project Fi is to put users in the available strongest network by analyzing their location. It assumes that the users are not on Wi-Fi but when Wi-Fi connection is available, everything such as call and text is being handled by Wi-Fi network thus keeping the project Fi relatively cheap. The project utilizes a special SIM card and radios that work as a network of networks and switch to the fastest one. The entire process is automatic and Fi users do not need to do anything extra to get the strongest coverage. But for enjoying this unique feature, you need to have a Fi compatible device and these are Nexus 6, 6P and 5X.

Project Fi Users are Enjoying Good Connection

According to a report, the Fi users are enjoying good connection around 99% of the time and this will be improved even more due to the addition of US cellular network. One more prominent benefit of this project Fi is that the Fi users do not need to pay for the data they do not use. 1GB data will cost $10 and in case you have paid for 3GB and used less data, rest of the money will be reimbursed at the end of the month which is really a good idea.

This US cellular network will be added in the coming week but as this carrier is not available all over the country so, the changes will not affect every user.


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