Giant search company Google has declared that their photo-sharing website Panoramio will start counting its day from November 4 this year. The company has acquired Panoramio back in 2007 in order to expand its mapping technology. This is a photo sharing service which served as the best platform for the photographers where they could share, organize, store and geolocate their photos.

Not just photo sharing rather the technology of Panoramio was also used for Google Geo product mix while it helped in developing resources to power up services and applications like Google Maps. The stored photographs in Panoramio are responsible for providing various images in Google Maps.

Google’s Photo-Sharing Service Panoramio Will Be Closed Down This November
Google’s Photo-Sharing Service Panoramio Will Be Closed Down This November

But, the Panoramio community is not happy with this fact and they have revealed their grievance over this decision. According to one of the members of Panoramio community, he has millions of views and some photos have 100,000 views, but suddenly the company is saying them goodbye. However, Google has tried to calm down the community.

According to Google, this plan is not new and they have made it public back in 2014 but still, the site continued just because the Panoramio community insisted it. They have also claimed of integrating the photo-sharing service with Google Maps since that period.

However, interested users can always transfer their photos to somewhere else if needed and in order to make the transition process easier, Google will offer various options for photo sharing through other agency.

Also, Panoramio users can transfer their stored photos in Google Album Archive of Panoramio for which the user should have a Google account. Users can have access to their photos for one more year after this Nov 4, but addition of any new photos or commenting on anything will no longer be allowed.


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