Google unveiled their new iOS app Motion Stills which can easily convert the iOS Live Photos into stable GIFs while these can be shared with others through message and mail. Still images are created by the app that freezes the background and in order to create a short movie clip, Motion Stills features extensive cinematic pans. The app is compatible with the iOS device and as of now users of iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and SE can enjoy this app. It is available at free from the app store.

Motion Stills app intelligently create a virtual camera path optimized to recast videos and it looks like they are being made using stabilization equipment. The GIF’s being made looks much interesting with a still background while the cinematic pans are also featured in the app that smartly remove the shakiness from the original iOS Live photos.

Motion Stills app
Motion Stills app

No Need A Google Account to Use Motion Stills

Users are provided with enough opportunity to add effects in the captured images and combining several clips can create a movie montage to tell a story. Loop optimization is another feature which recognizes the optimal start and end point along with discarding the blurry frames.

The best part about the app is, it does not require any kind of data connection to work. Here all the processing is done inside the device so everything is possible through offline. Also, users should not have any Google account in order to use the Motion Stills app. Once the GIF is being made through this app, it can be sent to others through the message, email or can be shared with other apps.

So, creating GIFs in your iPhone is not a big deal now and all the iPhone users can go for this app that is designed using Liner programming algorithm.


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