Using Google while leading searches on your mobile will now improve for a visual affair as the organization has launched another configuration for Search: rich cards.

The new rich cards search format from Google will basically showcase the visual results in a card-like format, similar to a carousel. The rich cards allow users to look through the cards.

Google's New Rich Cards Feature for Mobile Search
Google’s New Rich Cards Feature for Mobile Search

Presented on May 17, rich cards are gone for improving the Search experience on the mobile platform. Moreover, the new format is hoping to encourage build up the current rich snippets format from the organization.

For the new, rich snippets essentially show off the image, also a summary of the information below the standard results. Both the rich snippets and the new rich cards deploy to enhance the results. The rich cards are designed in a way to make them more suitable for mobile gadget search. Googles says:

Rich cards are new Search result format expanding on the achievement of rich snippets. Much the same as rich snippets, rich cards use structured markup to display content in a considerably more engaging and visual format, with an attention on giving a better mobile user experience.

The search results are appeared in the movable carousel format horizontally. Users can look over the results left or right, and even scroll up to see more carousels. Every carousel can have cards for a specific site or several sites.

At first, Google is pushing out rich cards for two categories of content, namely movies and recipes. The search results will seem just in English now for mobile searches. Google has uncovered that it is “actively experimenting” with more strategies for amplifying the feature publishers’ way. The organization affirms that it has built up a wide-ranging instrument set, and updated its developer documentation, to help both developers and site owners transition from preliminary investigation to application to performance monitoring.

Google is optimistic that the rich cards format will enable site owners to get noticed in the crowd, in the Search results space. This will enable them to draw more target users. Search users will also benefit as the rich cards offer a more pictorial format, which will help them in finding the essential information quicker.

Whether rich cards are successful in meeting Google’s objective of simplifying search on mobile gadgets and making googling more visual, remains to be seen.


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