Technology has allowed us to stay in touch with our relatives and dear ones through the Smartphone and laptop while we can also see them easily through the video chat or video calling app. And now Google has enrolled their name to help people in video calling in even more. This tech giant has integrated the Google Duo app in their Android device in order to make the video calling much simpler.

No more navigation here and there rather the video calling can be done now right from where you call or message.

Google's New Initiative Simplifies Video Calling Through Duo App
Google’s New Initiative Simplifies Video Calling Through Duo App

As per Google, video calling is now going to be an integral part of the Android phone and users can make a call from their phone, contacts and any Android application.

However, ensure to have the Google Duo app installed on your Android phone to enjoy the video calling facility. And this app should be installed on both the sender and receiver’s Android device. As the call be routed through this Duo app. But if both the callers use a carrier that holds up ViLTE video calling, the Google Duo app will not be required then as the video call will be routed through that carrier’s service.

All these Android devices that will get the video calling facility initially are the First generation Pixel, newly launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phone, Nexus device and the Android One. Soon other devices and carriers too will be able to enjoy this excellent feature.

Not just this integrated video calling feature rather the company is working for something more. By the end of this year, another handy feature will be added to the Android device through users can easily convert a voice call into a video call through a single tap. And it will not require you to disconnect the phone even.

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