Google has come up with a new ad for the Chromebook. The company is targeting the Windows and Mac devices in the new ad which lasts for about a minute.

You will see your screen flashing with macOS and Windows error messages, virus warnings and blue screen of death. The ad has been put together to exhibit the minimalism of Chrome OS over macOS and Windows.

Google's New Ad Flashes Error Messages of Mac and Windows
Google’s New Ad Flashes Error Messages of Mac and Windows

The company wants to portray that the Chromebook has been developed for automatic updates, virus protection, multiple and useful Android apps and a long battery life. This is the first time Google has created an ad which is clearly directed against both Mac and Windows laptops.

Microsoft is definitely reminded of the similar attack that it made on Google about 5 or 6 years back by launching the Scroogle campaign. The ad ran between 2012 and 2014 and was created by Mark Penn. The ad had compared Windows to Chrome OS.

The current ad of Google seems to be highlighting a few problems which have already been addressed by Apple and Microsoft. It would have been in an advantageous position if it were released last year. Windows 10 also comes with automatic updates, virus protection and most laptops offer full-day battery life.

The Chrome OS is undoubtedly perfect but the ad has been designed more to highlight old error messages of macOS and Apple instead of emphasizing its own simplicity.

Chromebook’s ad comes in a time when the laptop manufacturers are looking forward to developing laptops, especially for teachers and students. Both Microsoft and Apple have taken a plunge in this market. Apple by offering free Beats headphones for certain MacBook and Microsoft by launching Surface Go recently.

The latest ad and Chromebooks together have given Google a lead in the US education market. Chrome OS still has time to battle the iPad but the Chromebooks have undoubtedly proved that they are ready to take on Mac and Windows laptops.

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