Google has come a long way since it was launched in 1998. What was originally a search engine went on to master the spheres of mapping, video broadcasting, robotics, telecommunications, advertising and so much more. Google has become one of the single most powerful companies in the world. That said, Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation better sharpen up their A game, as the search engine giant has announced that they will try their hand in the world of gaming. It has been reported that Google is at the moment developing the Yeti.

It hasn’t been decided if it will be on Chromecast or just be released as a brand new console. One thing is for certain, the Yeti will be a subscription-based games streaming service.

Google's Yeti Might be Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation's Stiffest Competition Yet
Google’s Yeti Might be Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation’s Stiffest Competition Yet

Yeti would allow players a unique gaming experience as they would be streaming and playing the games in real time, which would be active somewhere in the world on Google’s cloud servers. The game will be powered via the internet. People who invest in the Yeti won’t have to go to the store and buy games or even download them, they’ll be able to play via their TV, computer, phone or tablet. Most will need Google’s Chromecast media player, which at the end of the day cost a lot less than a home console or PC.

Seems that Google is bent on becoming a stiff competition to the other gaming giants. Just last the world looked on in wonder as they hired Phil Harrison, one of the most respected veterans in the world of gaming. He worked with Sony for nearly twenty years and was one of the major factors behind the Playstation’s success. Harrison will now be working for Google at their California headquarters as the Vice President and General Manager.

Harrison was asked how he felt about the future of gaming during an interview with VentureBeat. He stated,

I’m excited about the future. I’m enormously bullish about the future of games, mainly because now we don’t have to explain what this is anymore. There’s an understanding of games among the wider population.

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