Google is trying its best to meet the requirements of the present age and in doing so, it has launched some tremendous apps. Its recent work is the addition of some useful attributes in Google Maps in a new update.

Parked car tracking will be made more efficient using Google Maps. It’s really handy and easy to use. You just have to press the blue spot on your screen that allows you to save a parking reminder. A new screen will pop up where you can save your notes and as well as pictures to remember your parking spot easily. This app also sets a timer to tell you that how much time is left on the spot.

Google Introduces a Useful Feature on Google Maps
Google Introduces a Useful Feature on Google Maps

However, it has a disadvantage that this whole process is done manually; you don’t really require a special app if all you have to do is take a picture to remember the spot. We can’t overlook the fact that Google also has some reminders which are automated. This process is done inside Maps for the confirmation of the reminder on your android phones.

This is the domain where we can say that Google is almost in competition with Apple which is quite unusual as Apple has added this Car Parking reminder feature last year. Apple Maps have an edge over Google Maps in this feature as it’s able to provide service to its users without manual input from the users. There is also a place where you can attach the required information like additional notes and pictures.

At the present time, this feature is available to the limited customers on Android as it’s available in the Beta Version of the Google Maps. We can hope that this project will expand in near future and will be common among the people. The Car parking reminder feature will spread to ISO. (ISO is a setting body which is composed of representatives from various national standards organizations).


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