Google has updated its Android phone Docs and Sheets mobile apps with multiple add-ons which will allow you to use the apps as more than just simple doc viewers. The add-ons coming with the new update are powerful utilities which can be used with the apps.

The New Add-ons Will Be Useful to The Common Docs and Sheets Users

The new add-ons will be useful to the common Docs and Sheets users because they will allow some third party applications to better integrate and work well with the productivity apps which are Google built. One example of the add-ons incorporated into the apps involves the ability to sign a document or import CRM data onto a Doc or Sheet file. It is all now possible thanks to the DocuSign and the ProsperWorks add-ons.

Google updates Docs and Sheets apps with new add-ons
Google updates Docs and Sheets apps with new add-ons

Other add-ons include the ability to get data from external sources thanks in particular to the Scanbot OCR add-on. Another add-on, AppSheet could be used to export various Sheets data to any app a user might be building.

All these add-ons are available for the two Google Phone apps on the Google Play Store in one dedicated section and/or in the Docs and Sheets add-ons menu.

In its development of the add-ons, Google teamed up with eight different partners but it is still calling out for other developers to come in and input more add-ons to the Docs and Sheets phone apps. If any developers are interested they can find more information on the Google Developers Website.

The new add-ons will go a long way in persuading people to use their mobile devices to work on or if they will still continue to preserve some work for the computer.


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