Copying others doesn’t mean that someone is short of ideas or in some sort of closed end; however, it does mean that the company wants to retain its customers and make a profit. Copying a quality product or feature is something which does make sense.

In the Pixel event, Google covered numerous categories which are already around and some features with its Google-branded hardware. Nothing seemed unscrupulous or was lacklustre; it’s just that the inspiration was an obvious one.

Google Unveiled An Array Of Products
Google Unveiled An Array Of Products

There were many new inclusions which Google unveiled:

Google’s iPhone

Much like the iPhone 6 and 6S with some iPhone 7’s features Google made two phones Pixel which is 5″ and Pixel XL that is 5.5″. The hardware and the software integration is much like Apple’s iPhone.

Google’s Gear VR

Google is about to launch ‘Daydream View‘ which is a VR set and it will work with the manufacturers that equal Google’s specs which for now are Pixel and Pixel XL. It features an amazing controller that has some function which is exactly what can be done with a PlayStation VR controller and the Vive.

Google’s Echo

A somewhat changed Echo, Google’s – ‘Google Home Speaker‘ is priced $50 lesser than the Echo and also features a Google Assistant. It has YouTube Red and plays music from it.

Google’s Eero

Google also made a clone of Eero but named it ‘Google Wifi‘ .  It is available for $129 for a single pack and $299 for a pack of three; it has been priced lesser than Eero and by looks is a bit cylindrical and taller than Eero.

Google’s Chromecast

It is important to note that the original Chromecast was not actually the initial HDMI stick computer, it promoted the type and continues to be the best because of its integration with Chrome and a whole lot of apps and media services. Chromecast Ultra has you covered in 4K with an added Ethernet spot.


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