Google has launched updates to its Google Translate apps which are on the Android and iOS App Store.

The update consists of three main parts. The first is the addition of the offline translation feature for iOS users something which they have been asking for over the years. The second update is the tap to translate feature which is being put on Android devices and the third update is the Word Lens feature now for the Chinese Language.

Google Translate gets three new updates, offers offline translation for iOS
Google Translate gets three new updates, offers offline translation for iOS

The offline use feature which is coming to iOS users has already been present for Android devices. The feature is very useful when traveling and unsure of whether you will get a good connection or not. The team was also working on making the app lighter than the current versions. They managed to make it 90 percent lighter which means the new Google translate app is now for 25 MB. The new update is also available in 52 different languages.

Android users have the tap to install feature to look forward to. This is a time-saving feature as users don’t have to copy and paste text and then go to the translate app. Rather by simply pressing on the desired text, an option to translate the text appears. The option shows up as an overlay and means there is no need to alternate in between apps.

The tap to translate app has already been launched out by Google before, though it only worked on select apps which included WhatsApp and TripAdvisor.

Word Lens can now support 29 languages thanks to the addition of Chinese to the platform. This is a feature which allows you to translate information straight from a live feed such as a camera and it now supports the most spoken language in the world, both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

One Google spokesperson mentioned that the new updates were a response by Google to countries such as Indonesia and India whose people were only beginning to get smartphones.


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