In a recent update of in Android Wear, Google will be doing away with the “Together” feature from 30 September 2016. Android will be integrating some best features of Together directly into the platform so you can have connectivity with even more people using the messaging services.

Google announced that with the emoji, Smart Reply, handwriting on the screen of the watch and the keyboard can also be used. Many watch faces can also be customized with data from your apps.

The feature let the Android users connect their devices together and they used their watches to send small messages, updates, drawings or any type of activities they are presently performing. The users can also use the feature to send pictures, emoji or stickers. The picture needs to be among the ten recent ones taken.

Google’s "Together" Gives Way to Android Wear 2.0
Google’s “Together” Gives Way to Android Wear 2.0

Although the feature is supposed to be terminated on 30 September 2016 the Android Wear 2.0’s release date is yet to be revealed by Google.

About Android Wear 2.0

On its arrival in the market, its users will be able to send small notes which can be written on smartwatch provided the device recognises what you are writing. You can also pick letters from the tiny keyboard on the gear or you could pick from one of the last three messages if you need to reply immediately.

Even though the features of Together are not as great but they were not bad either. All who are using the smartwatches don’t have any update on when they will receive the new Android Wear 2.0. As they won’t be updated about a few communication themes they will not be able to use Together to speak to their friends.

Google Thanked The Users of Together

Google thanked the users of Together and said they received wonderful feedback about it which helped them in the making of Android Wear 2.0.


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