As per a new report, the Mountain View-based tech giant Google is now working on its own branded Android Smartphone that will most probably see the daylight by the end of this year. The company is in talk with some of the major operators currently regarding this project. Google have produced a number of Smartphone under Nexus brand and no doubt the nexus devices are most anticipated in the market. The best benefit of having a Nexus device is that it runs stock Android and receives any kind of update from Google much earlier than any other devices. But Google has collaborated with major companies like Huawei, LG, and HTC to bring the nexus devices.

Non-Nexus Smartphone
Non-Nexus Smartphone


However, this is about to change now as the company is all set to release its own non-Nexus device in the market, according to the Telegraph. The reason for this move is that Google will not have to wait anymore for the manufacturer’s approval before any software is being downloaded and installed. And with this, the Google-owned Android Smartphone will be the first device to receive any update than any other android Smartphone.

Their Other Two Nexus Device Codenamed as Sailfish and Merlin

Not just that rather this new move will also allow Google to have more control on the design part and not just the software which runs on the device. We all need to wait for sometimes to see when actually Google comes up with their new Smartphone but in the meantime, their other two nexus device codenamed as Sailfish and Merlin are all set to be unveiled by the company in just a few months. Some leaked specification of Sailfish says that it will be smaller of the pair built with 5-inch display and 4GB RAM insides that will be powered with 2770 mAH battery capacity.


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