Google has a great plan to employ AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the future of technology, and this looks quite prominent after Google has announced that they will be opening a dedicated machine learning research center based in Zurich office in Europe. This announcement was made by Google on 16th June in a blog post. This new research center will focus on product development and will also carry out research in areas of Machine Intelligence. According to the company their main aim is to improvise the machine learning Infrastructure while the way to put it into practical use will also be researched.

Artificial Intelligence

With all these, mainly three subject areas will be covered by this research team in Zurich, and these are Machine Intelligence, Machine Perception, and Natural language processing & Understanding. Natural language processing is the subject that aims to improve machine’s ability so as to understand and process human language perfectly while Music perception is the area that covers capacity to understand the content of images, music, sound and videos.

There is the reason why Google chose to open their research center in Europe, and they have stated that most of the world’s top technical universities are situated here that will give access to researchers to build a great research team.

Europe is not The Only Investment of Google’s Towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

However, this should be mentioned that the research center in Europe is not the only investment of Google’s towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather they have also invested in the German research center for AI through its German division. Google have bought an AI startup named as DeepMind in the UK spending $500 million, and this is again a part of improving their expertise in AI.

So, it is pretty prominent that Google is making a significant commitment towards Artificial Intelligence by opening up a various research center in the top cities and by acquiring some start up AI.


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