Google just verges away from releasing the Pixel and Pixel XL, two smartphones which will be branded by as made by Google. Google plans to unveil the new phones at a hardware conference taking place in San Francisco. Yes, there is a new Google Magic feature for the Pixel range smartphones.

At the event, Google is also expected to feature the Google Home, Google Wifi, the Chromecast Ultra and the Google Daydream headset. However, the phones are expected to be the main event of the conference.

New Google Pixel Is In Blue and Features'Google Magic' Feature
New Google Pixel Is In Blue and Features ‘Google Magic’ Feature

The new phones will have a new blue color that many experts believe is actually good. The blue color is more of the Smurfy kind of blue. The other color that is available is the silver and white model and it is also known as a clean color for the phone.

New Feature Called The Google Magic

Some new pictures were made available on the Verizon website after the telecommunications giant made an error by listing the phones before they had been unveiled yet. The Verizon site also listed some very odd features of the new smartphone. Google is expected to bring in a new feature called the Google Magic feature. The feature is unknown as yet but it is expected to be the Pixel live support feature.

The Verizon listings showed that there are going to be two storage options available for the Pixel smartphones which are the 32 GB and the 128 GB.

One Reddit user, however, has shown pictures of him adding the two phones to the cart online. From what was written, the Pixel 32 GB is expected to be $199 and the Pixel 128GB will feature at $299. The Pixel XL will likely go for about $419 on contract.


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