Texas has been home to Google’s High-Speed Fiber web service for the past three years, with the service already deployed in Austin and being engineered go into the urban center.

Texas Has Been Home to Google’s High-Speed Fiber

A third town within the Lone Star state will presently be seeing Fiber deployed, as Google has proclaimed plans of transportation the service to Metropolis.

The announcement, created through a post on the official Google Fiber reveals that the company is currently working with Mayor Mike Rawlings and other officials in town to bring Fiber into the town. Google will be in charge of City’s topography, the existing infrastructure and different factors which can have an impression on the development of the fiber optic network that the high-speed web service needs.

Google Currently Operating With Metropolis Officers for High-Speed Fiber
Google Currently Operating With Metropolis Officers for High-Speed Fiber

The company noted that with the complicated and dense urban setting of Metropolis, building out the fiber optic network will be difficult but not impossible. On the other hand, the meetings with Town Officers are now in the pipeline that will set up the first accountable and economical approach to completing the project.

Google Fiber Director Jill Szuchmacher hasn’t shared any timeframe for the project completion so far. Also, Szuchmacher spoke about the Google’s interest in expanding the project to Dallas as well that will surely increase the productivity level. Dallas is considered as a town having one among the best rates of job growth within the US.

According to Google, with Fiber, businesses in Metropolis are given additional opportunities to grow and increase productivity, as files may be downloaded in seconds and not hours, and communications would be abundant quicker with their customers. Families will be able to fancy the service, as they’re going to be able to use Fiber to stay in contact with their people and stream content with efficiency.


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