Google keeps getting better and better. The search giant has moved to make using Google much easier and better by introducing a new format called the rich cards.

The new format is visually better and makes the search results appear in a card format. The rich cards are good in that they give users ability to scroll over them easily. The rich cards were introduced on May 17 and are a step by Google to help with the mobile experience. The new format is also going to be developed by the company as they seek to make the most of the existing rich card format.

Google Offers A Visual Experience On Search, Rich Cards
Google Offers A Visual Experience On Search, Rich Cards

Rich snippets are what appears when a user searches for a topic on Google, showing an image and a little bit of information at the end. The new rich cards and rich snippets both use the to help with their results. The rich cards have been designed in a way that enables them to be perfect for mobile device searching.

Google wrote that the rich cards were a new way which had been derived from rich snippets to show forth Google search results. They continue to say that the rich cards also use just as the rich snippets, which helps in giving users a better mobile experience and better visual format of the results.

Google is pushing the rich cards for two of its categories at the moment, namely movies and recipes. The rich cards are being experimented for other languages, but for now the feature is only available in English. The company said they were looking at more methods they could continue to expand the feature.

The search giant is also hopeful that rich cards will be good for site owners so that it can increase their visibility on the internet when someone Google searches them. It allows companies to target specific people and is also good for users because they can see pictorial views, which is a useful format to view all detailed information.


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