Smartphones are quickly taking over the internet world by a storm. The focus of internet marketers has quickly shifted from desktop devices to smartphones because of the accessibility of the phones and the fact that almost everyone in the world has started carrying one these days. Smartphones are changing everything now and Google has decided to ensure that user experiences continue to augment when it comes to smartphones.

The tech giant has now started expanding its mobile search formats so that Google searches can soon bring up flight price tracking and discovery ads too. In the next few weeks, users may find some new features when they use Google search using their mobiles. Google intends to broaden the variety of retailer offerings that are made available to the users within the Showcase Shopping Ads carousel which show up in the results section of Google Search for mobile.

Google expands mobile search results for travel and retail sites

With mobiles becoming an important part of marketing, this new feature will help brands enhance their presence on the web by increasing brand visibility on the mobile web. Mobile searches are comparatively different from regular desktop searches.

With smartphones seen as on-the-go devices. Google searches on a mobile are usually done for directions, details on products and they want to take an action when they are looking for a particular product. For example, if they look for directions to a hotel, they are probably also going to book that hotel.

When searches make it easy for the users to take such actions, it will become more helpful and companies will be able to gain more through the searches.

Google Search Should Be Available In A Week

These new additions to Google search should be available in a week. These new features can help the industries enhance their customer experience while Google continues to increase satisfaction for users.


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